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UBand™ Access Control Wristbands

UBand is an innovative access control solution that provides the applications of an access card with the convenience of a wristband.

Available in proximity or MIFARE® versions, UBand Access Control Wristbands can replace an access card in a system that doesn’t require visual ID, or complement photo IDs in existing access control programs.

Event organizers can issue UBand to allow access to guest rooms, to make purchases on-board a cruise ship, for attendee tracking at an event, and more!

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UBand™ Pricing
Item # Description 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
MIFARE 1K UBand™ (Many color options available, see colors list below.)
UBAND1K-6 6" Small 4.99 4.64 4.39 4.14 3.89 3.49 (6T)
UBAND1K-7 7" Medium 4.99 4.64 4.39 4.14 3.89 3.49 (6T)
UBAND1K-8 8" Large 4.99 4.64 4.39 4.14 3.89 3.49 (6T)
Prox UBand™ (Available in blue and black.)
UBAND-BLU-PRX-_ _ Blue 6.99 6.28 5.92 5.55 5.23 4.71 (6T)
UBAND-BLK-PRX-_ _ Black 6.99 6.28 5.92 5.55 5.23 4.71 (6T)
For Prox UBands, replace underscores to denote the bit format required (26, 35, 37 Huge, or 37 Standard).
Emboss / Deboss Customization:
$350 mold fee (one time fee)
Add Color to Emboss/Deboss:
$0.10 per piece
Screen Print Customization:
$50 per area
Screen Print Imprint Color Options:
$0.20 per color, up to two colors (per piece)
Product Colors:
MIFARE iK UBand: White, Cranberry, Day Glow Green, Orange, Light Pink, Gray, Gold, Light Blue, Blue, Hot Pink, Forest Green, Black, Yellow, Grape, Teal, Kelly Green, Red, Aqua, Khaki, Lavender. Prox UBand: Black, Blue.
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ASI - 79898     PPAI - 112616     UPIC - PROMOVIS     SAGE - 50842     IMPACT - 700935