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Handwritten ONEstep TIMEbadge® Expiring Badges

T2003, T2004, T2005

Activate in ONE easy step! Simply peel away the liner, press together and issue to your visitor. Available in handwritten or thermal-printable versions. Handwritten badges feature pre-printed titles with a blank area for writing. Valid for one full day (15 hours) before red stripes appear to indicate expiration.

Badges have an adhesive back; no hardware or software needed. Eliminates the hassle of collecting and keeping track of name tags. Choose from 3 different pre-printed titles. Sold 500 per package, fan-folded. 


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Made in USA.

Handwritten ONEstep TIMEbadge Expiring Badges Pricing
Pricing is per package of 500. Expiring time: 1 day (15 hours)
Item # Description Title 1
T2003 ONEstep Expiring Badge VISITOR 133.51 (1T)
T2004 ONEstep Expiring Badge TEMPORARY 133.51 (1T)
T2005 ONEstep Expiring Badge CONTRACTOR 133.51 (1T)
Please Note: Adhesive Badges should not be applied to delicate materials such as leather, silk, suede & vinyl.
Stock products ship in 1-2 business days.
Badge Size:
1 7/8" x 2 7/8"
Shipping Weight:
2 lb. per 500 pieces.

ASI - 79898     PPAI - 112616     UPIC - PROMOVIS     SAGE - 50842     IMPACT - 700935