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Selfit® Badging System Software


Now you can prepare uniform, professional quality name badges for staff and attendees at any event, PLUS take care of last minute arrivals with the same quality, pulled-together look. A Selfit® Badging System makes it easy. 


Print crisp, clear, personalized name badges with your own laser printer. Prepare any number of badge inserts all at once. Type names individually or upload a spreadsheet or text file.


At the event, create the same high quality name badges for latecomers with our small, stand-alone label printer. No more hurried, handwritten name badges for late arrivals.


After the event, collect the badges, remove the inserts and reuse the badges next time. Each use makes them more affordable!

For more info check out these videos from our U.K. office:
Video #1  ~  Video #2

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Selfit Software is available for the Ipad!


Selfit System Software - Base Pricing
Item # Product Name 1
BG-SLFT-PR-PR Global Software - Professional - Online Version 549.99 (V)

ASI - 79898     PPAI - 112616     UPIC - PROMOVIS     SAGE - 50842     IMPACT - 700935