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Adhesive Back Parts for Two-Piece Expiring Badges

T6032A and T6031A

Two-piece expiring badges offer the most flexibility. Available in a wide selection of styles and sizes. Easy to use. Just attach the FRONT PART to the BACK PART to start the expiration process. BACK PARTs come in adhesive or clip-on style.


Adhesive BACK PARTs are available blank or with a printed "Expired" design. Badge backs work with any expiring time frame (FRONT PARTS offer a choice of 4 expiring times).


Made in USA.


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Expiring Badge Adhesive Back Part Pricing
Pricing is per package of 1000. BACK PARTs work with any expiring time frame.
Item # Description Size Use With 1 5 10
T6032A Adhesive Badge Back - Blank 1 15/16" X 2 7/8" T6451 45.25 43.44 42.08 (3T)
T6031A Adhesive Badge Back -"Expired" 1 15/16" X 2 7/8" T6403 45.25 43.44 42.08 (3T)
Please Note: Adhesive Badges should not be applied to delicate materials such as leather, silk, suede, or vinyl.
Stock products ship in 1-2 business days.
Shipping Weight:
2 lb. per 1000 pieces

ASI - 79898     PPAI - 112616     UPIC - PROMOVIS     SAGE - 50842     IMPACT - 700935